Making bone-in proscuitto is easy and a great way to enjoy the delicacy without the price.

Ingredients are simple.

1 pork leg with skin on (as for a green ham with skin on)

3.5% of weight of sea salt

I brining bag



  1. Remove the aitch bone and shape the ham to form a classic proscuitto shape.
  2. Cut a slot back at the hock inside the achilles tendon to hang the proscuitto
  3.  Bleed the femoral artery well
  4. Pack salt at the socket bone and at the hock heavily.  These are the problem areas that are prone to rot.  Lightly salt everywhere else.
  5. Seal up in a brining bag.
  6. Place under refrigerator for 40 days.  Turn every other day or so.
  7. Remove from bag.  Rinse well with red wine.
  8. Hang at 80% Relative Humidity and 48 degrees for two months.
  9. Apply sugna to the exposed surface of the proscuitto.
  10.  Pull anywhere from one year to five or even more years.

    Cut along the grain. A proscuitto stand helps