Brooklyn Parsley and Provolone Sausage

My friend is from Brooklyn and he wanted to re-create a popular sausage that they make there.  It is a fresh sausage with parsley and provolone cheese.  I searched on the internet and found an italian ricetta and translated it back into english.  We made it today.  It is a good sausage and worth posting here.  As with most sausage recipes, I will put it here as a percentages of weight.


Pork shoulder

salt at 1.8%

Pepper at  0.25%

Provolone cheese at `10%

Fresh flat leaf parsley to taste


We stuffed in hog and lamb casing and cooked some on the grill.  The cheese kind of smeared.  I think next time I will freeze it solid as I would prefer it to be in chunks.  I also think a larger casing and a larger grinding plate would work better for this sausage.

parsely and provolone