Scalidi are little twisted cookies deep fried and coated with honey.  They also make an appearance around Christmas time.  This is Mom’s recipe.  It makes a lot!  Mom used to braid them but I twist them around the end of a spoon.  It is easier.  You can obviously do it however you choose.


6 eggs (beaten)

1 cup of sugar

pinch of salt

6 cups of flour

1 tsp. of baking powder

1 cup oil

1 cup of milk

(optional add zest of one lemon and 1 tsp of vanilla)


Add eggs, oil, milk and sugar together and blend well.  Slowly add is six cups of flour plus baking powder until the dough is tacky.  It will be a little wetter than the wine cookie dough.  Let it sit 15 minutes.

Roll out pencil-thick ropes and braid the ropes into cookies about 5 inches long, or wrap them around the end of a floured wooden spoon to form a ladder.

Fry them in 375 degree oil for about five minutes or until golden brown.  Let them drain and cool.  They will be honeyed after they cool down.

Twist them around a FLOURED spoon. You can make circles as well.

Let them cool on a rack. You can freeze them and honey them when you are ready.

8 thoughts on “Scaliddi

  1. Wow! I have made Scalidi for more than 40 years and my recipe is very different. I use only the yolks of eggs, little sugar, little oil, and flavor with anise. I make them Calabrese style.

    • Grandma Bracco’s recipe which is on here is very similar. The recipe I use more often has a touch of milk and some baking powder, it is NOT as authentic as Grandma Bracco’s. Her recipe is from Calabria. Mom’s additions lighten the cookie a bit. Lemon and anise are optional. We make a lot of cookies anice and almonds. I suspect someone got sick of it and left it out one day…

  2. So… if you mix the eggs, oil, milk and sugar together, then add the flour…. and that’s it…. what is the baking soda for? I was just curious, as we make scalidi all the time, and we don’t use the baking soda. If we don’t need it, why should you, and why is it mentioned in the list if you don’t mix it in?

    • I have stock options in baking powder, so I encourage people to include it in recipes even if they don’t need it !!!! Nah, just a typo, it should be in there. Mom’s recipe makes a little lighter cookie. If you want as authentic as possible, Grandma Bracco’s (also on this site) is the non-adulterated version.

  3. help making the scaliddi 30 yrs ago with my parents then on my own I never made them didn’t have a receipt but this one is great a success thanks albert v

  4. Thank you so much my mom used to make them every Christmas. She passed away and haven’t seen or made them since. Its so nice to see the picture with them on the table like that. I could almost taste them.