Pignoli Cookies

Pignoli cookies are pretty darned awesome. They are also about the easiest cookie in the world to make. They also have no wheat if you are allergic or have Celiac disease.


    7 oz. box of almond paste

    1 egg white

    1/2 cup of sugar

    1/2 tsp almond extract

    pignoli nuts for topping


Break up the almond paste in a stand mixer into smaller pieces.

Add the sugar and almond extract.

Beat until the paste is well broken up.

Add the egg white. Mix slowly (if you mix it on high you will have an inferior result)

Place a small layer of pignoli nuts on a dish

Wet your hands (it will make rolling them easier) and roll into a small ball.

Press the top of the ball into the pignoli nuts. A few will stick to the top.

Bake on PARCHMENT lined cookie sheets for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Allow them to cool a little bit before you handle them or they will tend to crumble.

THAT is IT. A few notes. If you want a thinner cookie, add an extra egg white or two. DO NOT USE ALMOND PIE FILLING OR MARZIPAN. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING AS ALMOND PASTE!